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Fully Automatic Strapping Machine
Strapping Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in Delhi, NCR, India
April 24, 2018
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May 9, 2018
Carton Sealing Machine Regular Model

Carton Sealing Machine – Regular Model

Millenium Packaging solutions is the leading Manufacturers and suppliers of Carton Taping Machines, based in Delhi, NCR, India.

Uses of Carton box taping machines.

This Packing machine is used in taping the carton box, i.e to apply BOPP self adhesive tapes on the flaps of the carton thus, sealing it firmly.

Both top and bottom flaps of the corrugated box is taped neatly and firmly exactly in the centre within seconds with the help of this Box Sealing machine.

Box sealing machine can be used as standalone and can also be integrated with Strapping Machine, resulting in two processes of packing i.e. Taping and Strapping is done Simultaneously.

Types of Box Taping Machines.

Carton Taping Machine comes in models like semi automatic taping machines and fully automatic taping machines.

Self Adjusting carton box taping machine – This packing machine automatically adjusts according to the height and width of the carton. This machine is perfect where different sizes of the carton box has to packed.

Auto Flap closing and self adjusting carton box taping machine – This packing machine automatically closes the top flaps of the box, adjusts itself according to the width and height of the box and then tapes the top and bottom of the flaps.

Benefits of using carton taping machine

Before manual process was used to pack and seal the carton box with brown tapes, and this process use to take much longer time, labour, and even the wastage of packaging material was high.

But after the invention of millenium carton taping machine, the TIME, MONEY and LABOUR COST has reduced drastically, moreover, the wastage of packaging material has come down to next to ZERO.

Price of Carton Taping Machine.

Best price offered for Carton taping machine by Millenium Packaging Solutions in Packaging Industry.

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