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Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vacuum Packaging Machines is a very well known and uninterrupted performer i. packaging industry.


What type of packaging keeps your food product safe for a longer duration?

Well the answer is only Vacuum Packaging Machines.

You must be wondering how to keep your food product or electronic product safe from moisture, dust and on the other hand increase the life of food products.

Well your answer to this question is packaging, a right type of packaging helps a lot to safe your product while they are in transit or kept in a warehouse or on the shelf of a store.

One of the best way of packing food product and helps to increase the shelf life is VACUUM PACKING.

So, What is Vacuum Packing? How does it protects food?

Vacuum Packing is a process by which all the air (oxygen) from the packet/pouch in which your product is kept, is extracted completely, and the packet/pouch thereafter heat sealed air tightly.

Extracting all of the air from the pouch results in removal of all airborne bacterias from the pouch, hence, keeping the food safe from getting spoiled thus, extending the shelf life.

How long can you store Vacuum Packed food?

Items Stored in FreezerNormalMillenium Vacuum Packaging Machine
Meat Products Like Beef, Chicken,1-2weeks6 weeks
Pork1-2 weeks2 weeks
Fresh Fish1-2 days1 week
Fresh Produce2-4 days1-2 weeks
Poultry1-2 days1 week
Items stored in Refrigerator
Vegetables1-2 weeks6-10 months
Pre Cooked food2-4 days6-12 weeks
Cheese1-2 weeks12 weeks
Shelf Storage
Rice, Sugar6 months1-2 years
Pasta6 months1-2 years
Cookies1-2 weeks9-12 months

What types of Vacuum packing machines are available in the market?

The above shelf life may vary as per product freshness, pH level, acidity, temperature, ingredients, sanitation and laminates used.

There are variety of Vacuum Sealing machines available in the industry but two variants are most successful and demanded in packaging industry, they are, Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine and Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machines.

Single Chamber Vacuum packaging machine is a floor type vacuum pack machine, In this vacuum sealing machine there is one chamber in which your product is in the sealing pouch or shrinking pouch is kept, and you just have to drop the lid rest the machine does it automatically.

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging machine is again a floor type vacuum sealing machine, In this Vacuum Pack machine there are two chambers, this is benefitted like till the time your first chamber is in process of packing the product, you can fill the second chamber with more products, thus, saving a lot of time on packing.

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