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Strapping Machine to pack carton boxes with PP Straps.

The world has grown smaller, means, now the reaching to far places takes a lot lesser time than before. Hence, the transportation of products is more fast and frequent.

Before, the invention of strapping machine, everyone use to strap the pallets or carton boxes using hand operated strapping machine (still used but which has also become automated).

Millenium packaging solutions is now a leading supplier & manufacturer of Strapping Machines, which comes in varied models like

In this blog I will try and explain about Semi Automatic Strapping Machine.

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Strapping Machine

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

This machine is semi automatic, because, the PP Straps which is used to pack the carton box has to be inserted manually into the slot provided, and then, press the start button to complete rest of the function.

The Strapping Machine has to be switched on for about 20-30 seconds before operation can be started, just to get heater plate to its required temperature.

The function after pressing the start button takes hardly seconds to enforce the strap and heat sealing of PP Strap to itself.

There are different models of Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Regular Model

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Regular Model

Regular Model is majorly used where the packing load of carton boxes are lesser in quantity.


Heavy Duty

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Heavy Duty Model

This Model is majorly used where the packing load of carton boxes are higher in quantity.


Low Table

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine Low Table

This Model is majorly used where the packing load of carton boxes is heavier than usual, which is little hard to picked up.



Click here For Specification of Strapping Machine



Other Strapping Machine Model is Fully Automatic Strapping Machine.

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