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Does your PP Straps protects your carton boxes while in transit?

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June 30, 2018
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September 20, 2019

PP Straps or strapping rolls are used to bind the carton boxes, so that it remains safe while in transportation from one place to another.

But, majorly it has been monitored that the PP Straps applied does remain intact and looses its grip in few picking of cartons while handling.

The quality of PP Straps ensures the strength and grip for which it is meant for. but to reduce the cost of the product, various other low priced materials are mixed which no doubt reduces the prices, but also reduces the quality.

PP straps is an economical material and is available in various length, width and thicknesses. This product offers higher elongation at break but tends to have irrecoverable dead stretch with constant stress. What is generally unknown to the users is that PP strapping loses about 50% of the applied tension within an hour, consequently although suitable for packs with a degree of stored energy that will take up any relaxation that occurs in the strap,

Strapping Rolls may be printed, either during production and pre-embossing for the quality and precision, Both offer security and marketing advantages to the strapped products.

Uses of Strapping Rolls

Examples include:

  • Handling and shipment by Bundling items together : Carton Box, newspapers, pipes, concrete block, etc.
  • Attaching goods to pallets, crates and skids
  • Reinforcing of wooden boxes, crates, and corrugated boxes.
  • Securing a unit load of bricks, packaged glass, metal parts, etc.
  • Closing of corrugated boxes and shipping containers.
  • Securing coils of electric wires, steel or paper reels.
  • Holding the bales of agricultural products or textiles

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