India’s plastic consumption set to double in a decade?

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The study on plastic’s future in the Indian industry is set to be very bright, as its consumption is expected to continue to grow.

Plastic is something that you cannot live without. If you look at the consumption in India, about 28,000 metric tons of plastic is consumed every day. As per the growth is being projected, in approximately a decade the consumption will increase upto 45-50,000 metric tons.

Plastics are not only used in secondary packagings like shrink wrapping, PP Straps, BOPP Tapes, vacuum packaging or stretch wrapping but in various other packagings as well.

Plastic packaging of all kinds, be it mono or multilayer, are recyclable, re-processable and then reusable. We can successfully recycle, reprocess and re-use all types of secondary packaging waste. Many industries are recycling all types of secondary packaging waste.

Focusing on recycling plastic waste should be of major concern for all the developing and developed countries. The only real solution is to recycle and reuse waste. If you can recycle plastic one time, then you can recycle and reuse it many times.

The government needs to step up and do its bit in helping to tackle plastic waste. The authorities need to implant policies which encourage the use of recycled plastic.

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