Vacuum packaging for cooked or processed food

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India stands second in fruit and vegetable production in the world – producing approx. 80 million tons of fruits and 160 million tons of vegetables.

Thus, a high level of food waste occurs for which participation is required to come up with the solutions. Nearly 4-5 lacs people die every year due to food-borne diseases in the country. The biotic microorganisms that are the biggest culprits causing these deaths are Listeria, Hepatitis A, Shigella, etc. among many others.

The country is producing a large hunks of fruits and vegetable which is consumed around the world. The flip side is, that we waste nearly 40% of the food & vegetables produced. After the food is prepared or processed, many air-borne contaminants may affect it if a proper barrier layer is not provided in the container or pack.

The solution to this is simple – good food packaging. While the primary job of a package is to protect and preserve the contents, it depends on the product, the filling method, storage, and the entire supply chain until the food is consumed. One of the most common packagings is Vacuum Packaging, this process helps is preserving the food from contamination and thus also increases the shelf life.

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