Safety Instructions For Strapping Machines – Guide

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October 22, 2019
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November 14, 2019

In this guide, we are going to provide you information on safety instructions, specifications, operation and maintenance of strapping machine.

Before operating or servicing the strapping machine, please read the below-provided safety instructions carefully.

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine - Heavy Duty

Safety instructions before machine operation

  1. Read the operating instructions for Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
  2. Wear eye (or face) and hand protection.
  3. Check the voltage and use the specified electric power to ensure the proper operation of the machine.
  4. Check that all guards are in place and all safety devices are working properly.
  5. Do not operate the machine with any safety devices removed.
  6. Make sure the machine is clear of all tools, debris, and other objects not related to a machine function.

Safety instructions during machine operation

  1. Read the safety instructions for semi automatic strapping machines.
  2. Never put any part of your body near, under or into a moving machine.
  3. Keep hands out of the strap chute area.
  4. Only trained persons should operate the machine, even though the operation is simple and easy.
  5. Do not strap any part of your body.

Safety instructions after machine operation

  1. Remove all tools, debris and other objects from the machine area.
  2. Shut off all electric and air power and make sure that the electric power is off.

Strapping machine maintenance

  1. Shut off and lockout all-electric and air power.
  2. Do not stand or walk on the conveyor to service the machine.
  3. Follow the maintenance instructions in this manual.
  4. Use the correct tools and parts to repair the machine.

Safety signs

  1. Read all of the signs on the machine.
  2. Do not remove any signs from the machine.
  3. Replace all missing or damaged signs.

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