Strapping Machine Operations

Strapping Machine - Semi automatic
Safety Instructions For Strapping Machines – Guide
November 13, 2019
strapping machine adjustments
November 16, 2019


strapping machine
  1. Install coil (A) onto the dispenser. 
    • To install P.P strap coil, do the following:
      • Prepare 6 – 15.5MM width strap, 200MM band reel.
      • Loosen the dispenser handle and take off the outside dispenser disc. Load strap coil onto the dispenser (notice direction of strapping). Replace and tighten the outside dispenser disc.
  1. Open the table top of strapping machine. Thread strap through looper (B) in the take-up arm and pass through (C). Continue to thread strap between roller (D) and the guide.
  2. Continue to push strap between roller (D) and the guide until the end of the strap appears at point (E) in the table top. Close the table top.
  3. Connect power plug (F) to the power source.
  4. Set POWER SWITCH (G) to "ON" position
  5. Put your package (K) on the table top.
  6. Manually pull the strap (L) to encircle the package.
  7. Insert the strap end into slot (M). One strapping cycle automatically begins.
  8. After strapping, remove the package.
  9. Adjust STRAP LENGTH CONTROL (N) to feed length desired.
  10. Adjust strap tension if necessary. (refer to Section 2, strap tension
    • Strap tension is adjusted according to the package being strapped. To adjust tension, proceed as follows:
      • Strap a package to determine whether the tension is too loose or too tight.
      • Set MOTOR and Power switches to “OFF” position.
      • Loosen the tension screw in the Knurled knob which is used to adjust tension. Rotate the knob clockwise to increase, or counterclockwise to decrease tension.
      • Tighten the tension screw.

Know about strapping machine Operating & Adjustments

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