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Strapping Machine - Vector design
Strapping Machine Operations
November 14, 2019
strapping machine strap feed guide
November 16, 2019

Strapping Machine Parts Function

strapping machine controls image
Fig. 1
strapping machine adjustments
  1. POWER SWITCH: Press this button (Fig.1) to get electric power.
  2. TIMER: Rotate clockwise (Fig.1) to lengthen the set strap length. Counter-clockwise to shorter.
  3. FEED BUTTON: Press this button (Fig.1) to get the length of the strap required.
  4. RESET BUTTON: The machine “RESET” button (Fig.1) incorporates two functions. Press this button twice to get the “RE-SET” function (To put the machine in neutral Condition). By pressing on this button for about 2-3 seconds, both “MANUAL” and “RESET” functions are available.
  5. HEATER TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Rotate the knob (Fig.2) clockwise to raise the heater blade temperature. Counter-clockwise to lower the temperature.
  6. HEATING COOLING TIME CONTROL: Push this button (Fig.2) forward to position “2” to get longer cooling time. Pushing it backward to position “O” will give a shorter cooling time. (Position “1” is normal.)
  7. STRAP TENSION KNOB Rotate the knob (Fig.2) clockwise to increase the tension. Counter-clockwise to decrease the tension.
  8. STRAP WIDTH ADJUST GUIDES: Loosen the set-screw on the strap guides and then adjust strap guides according to the width of the strap used.

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