Low Table Strapping Machine

Low Height Strapping Machine

Low Table Strapping Machine

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine - Low Table

Our Low Table Semi Automatic Strapping Machine is an ideal packing machine for the production houses where the carton packing is required.

This Mini Carton Box Strapping Machine covers less space and is used where the cartons are heavier.

Due to low height the carton box is easily kept on the machine to strap pack.

Features of low height banding machine
User Friendly – Easy apply Straps on Carton
Ready to operate in few seconds
Heat Seals the straps
High Quality Auto Cutter
Light in Weight
Use less Space (Can accommodate any where)


Strap Cycle Speed1.5 sec./ strap (30 - 40 Straps/min.)
Tension Strength5~50Kg
Table Height740mm (001S) & 380 mm (002LT)
Strap Width6~15mm (Adjustable)
Sealing MethodHeat Sealed
Minimum Strapping Size60 mm (W) x 30 mm (H)
Maximum Strapping SizeNot Stipulated
Driving Motor1 Ø 220V
Power Supply1 Ø 220V 50 Hz 400 W
Dimensions (mm)895(W) x 565(D) x 740(H)
Weight85 Kgs.

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