Manual Strapping Tool

Battery Operated Strapping Tool

Battery Operated Strapping Tool to strap pack very heavy loads to bundle them.

Battery Operated Strapping Tool

Battery operated Strapping tool is a hand held strapping device to packs to unitize heavy loads like Bricks, long pipes, Iron rods, etc. PET Straps is the used to pack the products.


Power sourceRechargeable battery
Sealing typeFriction welding
Tension typeAutomatic
Strap materialPolyester (PET) or Polypropylene (PP)
Strap width13-16mm (4/8 – 5/8 inches) or 16 &19mm (5/8 & 3/4 inches)
Strap thicknessPET: 0.55-1.05mm (.022-.04 inches)
PP: 0.75-1.05mm (.029-.04 inches)
Sealing efficiency80%+-5% of strap breaking strength (varies based on strap quality, remaining of battery power and set sealing time)
Sealing time adjustment0.6-4.8 seconds
Tension forceMax. tension 400~2000 N (Tension performance varies based on strap specification and quality, and the remaining of battery power.
Weight3.35Kgs./ 7.37Lbs.(Tool), 0.9Kgs./2Lbs.(Battery).
Dimensions (mm)15.37” x 5.03” x 5.3”
Battery lifeUp to 2000 charges of proper charging and ambient temperature
Strapping cyclesFully charged battery support up to approximately 250 strapping cycles under max. tension setting and normal ambient temperature
Contents of package setEach package set contains strapping tool, battery and adaptor. ( Charger & adaptor can be excluded to lower price further upon request )

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