Table Top Vacuum Packing Machine

Portable Vacuum packing Machine


How to pack perishable food products?
Well the Answer is Vacuum Packing? Right, Vacuum Packing is the process by which oxygen is extracted from the 3 side sealed vacuum plastic pouch and then the mouth of the bag is sealed by heat sealing process.

How does Vacuum pack machine works?
All you have to do is fill the pouch, plastic bag, aluminium bag with your product, place it inside the chamber of the machine close the lid, the machine starts automatically, processing the extraction of oxygen/air inside the bag and heat sealing the open end. The lid of the chamber opens automatically when the complete process is done, FYI it just take seconds to complete the process. This Vacuum packing machine chamber types are majorly used for low or medium volume packaging


Voltage110-220V/50-60 Hz110-220V/50-60 Hz110-220V/50-60 Hz
Power of Pump0.37 KW0.37 KW0.75 KW
Heat-Sealing Power0.4 KW0.15 KW0.5 KW
Lowest Absolute Pressure1.33 kpa1.33 kpa1.33 kpa
Volume of Vacuum Case385 x 280 x 90 (mm)385 x 320 x 90 (mm)440 x 420 x 130 (mm)
Sealing Strip Size260 x 8 (mm)280 x 8 (mm)400 x 10 (mm)
Number of Heater1 or 2 pcs1 or 2 pcs1 or 2 pcs
Exhaustment of Vacuum Pump10m3/h20m3/h/
Material of Vacuum Case and hullStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Dimensions480 x 330 x 340 (mm)350 x 140 x 70 (mm)550 x 485 x 600 (mm)
Weight35 Kg45 Kg70 Kg

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