Automatic Strapping Machines

Automatic Strapping Machine

Automatic Strapping Machine
Our Automatic Strapping Machine Model MPS 010 FA STA1 is designed with 3rd Generation Aluminium Alloy Arch, furthermore the Modular design helps in easy assembling and disassembling.

The PLC Controller installed makes the machine more reliable (as compared to other machines available in the market using contractors or relays), therefore making our machine long life with lesser breakdowns and most importantly non-stop increased productivity.

This machine is very user friendly, the auto strap positioning function ensures proper positioning, adding to it the retry function also ensured every cycle is accurate and efficient.

This machine is having convenient operating modes with panel, ball switch and foot pedal switch.

User or operator can easily adjust the tension of straps with the help of mechanical tension knob.

The most important part and surely to mention is the SAFETY of operator, our Safety design to control Voltage of 24V(DC) ensures the safe operation and prevents operators from electrical shock.

The Components installed in the machine are heavy duty and long lasting resulting in trouble free operations.


  • PLC Controlled
  • Makes the Machine more reliable than any other machine using contractors or relays
  • 3rd Generation Aluminium Alloy Arch Modular Design
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, No arch motor required.
  • User Friendly
  • Easy to operate, you just have to place the carton where you want the strapping to be done, just with a push of button the straps will enfold the carton with accurate tension, heat seals the straps and cuts it, within seconds the machine is ready for another cycle of strapping….so easy.
  • Easy Tension Adjustment
  • Set required tension as per your requirement with easy to use mechanical tension knob
  • Safety Design
  • Voltage Control of 24V(DC) ensure safety of operator.
  • Auto Refeed


ModelMPS 010FASTA1
Arch Size850W x 600H mm (Standard)
Power Supply3, 380V, 50 Hz, 1250 watts
Strap Cycle Speed27 Cycles per Min
Tension StrengthMax. 70 Kgs. (Adjustable-Mechanically)
Strap Width9/12/15 mm - to be specified at the time of placing the order
Sealing MethodHeat Sealing
Dimension1400W x 640D x 1475H mm
Table Height805 mm
Machine Weight220 Kgs.
Gross Weight265 Kgs.
ControlPLC Controlled

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