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Millenium Packaging Solutions is a leading Suppliers and Manufacturers of Packaging Machines in Delhi, NCR, India offering Packaging Machines like :-

Box Strapping Machines, Fully Automatic Box Strapping Machines : These Packaging Machines is very user friendly to operate, automatically straps the carton box with exact strength required for it to hold, resulting in easy for transit.

Box Sealing Machines – Box Taping Machines : Comes in variety of models, this machine automatically tapes the carton flaps from top and bottom with self adhesive tapes furthermore the wastage of tapes is next to zero.

Vacuum Packaging Machine : This machine is ideal for any type of perishable food products for which you want to increase it’s shelf life, used in for products e.g. Dairy (Paneer), Dry Fruits, Non-Veg frozen foods, etc.

Shrink Packaging Machine : This Machine heat shrinks the product covering it with shrink sleeve therefore the products stays safe from dust and moisture, for e.g. cosmetics, toiletries, sweet boxes, gift items, books, toys to name a few.

Pouch Sealing Machines : Heavy duty model to seal the mouth of the pouch from min. 100 gms to 15 kgs of packing. for e.g. Flour, Agarbatti or Incense Sticks, Pens etc.

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