Shrink Packaging Machines

Shrink Tunnel

Shrink Tunnel

"Millenium" Shrink Tunnel Machine comes in variety of models like SHTU-1208, SHTU-1810, SHTU-1814, SHTU-2614
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Shrink Tunnel - Heavy Duty Model

Shrink Tunnel Heavy Duty

Our Heavy duty shrink tunnel machine is manufactured with high quality spares and component, thus making the machine durable and breakfree.
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Shrink Machine SS body for Meat Boxes

Frozen Food Shrink Packing Tunnel

Our heavy duty Shrink tunnel for Frozen Meat boxes are one stop solution for your frozen food shrink packing solution.
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Label Shrink Wrapper

Label Shrink wrap Packaging Machine

This Label Shrink Wrapping Machine is used to apply pre printed shrink films on Bottles, Cans, glasses, etc.
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Neck Sealing Shrink Wrapping Machine

Bottle Neck Sealing Shrink Wrapping Machine

The Sleeve Covered neck of the bottle is when passed through the tunnel, the right amount of heat applied on the sleeve wraps the neck of the bottle firmly.

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This machine is ideal for packing of boxes like pharmaceuticals, computer components, sweets boxes, PET Jars, Cans, etc.
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L-Sealer with shrink Chamber

Shrink Chamber Machine

Shrink Chamber machine seals and shrinks the product at the same time. This machine is used to pack products of different sizes and shapes.
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Automatic L-Sealer with Shrink Tunnel

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

Leading Suppliers and Manufacturers of automatic Shrink Packing System to automate the packing process. Our Automated Shrink Wrapping Machine is manufactured using state of art manufactured components and spare.
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Side Sealing & Tunnel - High Speed

Automatic L-Sealer - Shrink Tunnel

Suppliers and Manufacturers of Automated packaging line for shrink wrapping of your valuable products, which protects the goods from scratches, moisture, getting wet.
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Semi Automatic Sleeve Wrapper - Web Sealer with Shrink Tunnel

Web Sealer

Our organization specializes in providing a comprehensive range of Automatic Web Sealers and Tunnels at par with the international standards and also at industry leading prices.
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Automatic Sleeve Wrapper - Web Sealer with Shrink Tunnel - for Bottles Cans

Fully Automatic Web Sealing Machine

An Automated Packaging line to Shrink the Sleeves onto the bottle and then forms the matrix of the bottle as per requirement.
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Automatic Sleeve Wrapper - Web Sealer with Shrink Tunnel - Frontal Feeding Type

Web Sealing Machine

A fully automated packaging line. Frontal Feeding Automatic Web Sealing Machine with shrink tunnel, A top end machine manufactured with the best components
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