Fully Automatic Strapping Machine with Power Roller Table

Fully Automatic Strapping Machine with Power Roller Table


Fully Automatic Strapping Machine with Power Roller Table
As the requirement for automated packaging line is increasing, our research and development department has designed this machine keeping in view the speed for packing industry.

The top table of this machine has been replaced by power rollers, so that it can be combined with roller conveyors, making the box pack to move easily from one unit to another while completing the process of packing.

This Model MPS010 FA 85PRU is designed for production units where they want automatic packaging line i.e. to combine with our other models like Carton box Taping Machine or carton box sealing machine.

The machine is installed with 2 sets of Photocell, an optional photocell to control the table transmitting is available, which can auto stop the table when there is no package to pack

This machine is pre installed with 1, 2 or no strapping option, More strapping application is also available as an option before placing of your order.

    PLC Controlled
  • Makes the Machine more reliable than any other machine using contractors or relays
  • 3rd Generation Aluminium Alloy Arch Modular Design
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, No arch motor required.
  • User Friendly
  • The carton box reaches Strapping machine with the help of Power roller table and stops at the desired point where strapping has to be done, after strapping automatically moves to the new section, within seconds the machine is ready for another cycle of strapping.
  • Easy Tension Adjustment
  • Set required tension as per your requirement with easy to use mechanical tension knob.
  • Easy Combination with other machines
  • This machines can easily be combined with other machines with the help of Power Rollers, i.e. integrating with Box Taping Machines, Carton Box Wrapping Machines etc. moreover can be customized as per your requirement.
  • Safety Design
  • Voltage Control of 24V(DC) ensure safety of operator.
  • Auto Refeed


Arch Size850W x 600H mm (Standard)
Power Supply110/220V 50/60 Hz 1Ph 220/380V 50/60 Hz 3 Ph
Strap Cycle Speed2.5 Sec. / Cycle
Tension StrengthMax. 70 Kgs.
Strap Width9~15.5 mm
Sealing MethodHeat Sealing
Dimension1550W x 800D x 1470H mm
Table Height810 mm
Machine Weight330 Kgs.
Gross Weight430 Kgs
Power Belt Speed15M/50Hz Per Min.
Package Size200-520W, 30-560H mm

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