Box Wrapping Machine

Box stretch Wrapping Machine

Box Stretch Wrapping Machine

Carton Box Stretch Wrapping Machine

Box Wrapper Machine is specially designed for packing small and medium sized objects packed in carton box or directly palletized onto the rotating platform without pallet.

The top plate provides a press to the top of unstable goods and ensure it safety packing. The machine is widely suitable for goods with light weight that can be manually loaded & unloaded from the machine.

  • An Easy and inexpensive way to pack carton boxes
  • Protects from moisture and damage during transportation.
  • Suitable for Garments, Electronics, Pharmacy Products, food products etc. packed in Carton boxes.
  • High Speed approx. 100 carton/hr
  • Adjustable settings for film conveying
  • Provides Extra Strength to the Carton


ControlOmron PLC
0-3 top(bottom) & up-down Wrap times choose
Cycle Pause capability
Film carriage driveFilm carriage can up-down to suit difference height product;
Heavy duty chain lift, calm and safety
Film CarriagePower prestretch 200%
Film Delivery variable speed by seprate DC Drive Motor
Film dancer-bar with variable speed output
Height SensingAdjustable limit block to active top limiting switch
Rotating Platform Speed3-20RPM adjustable by frequency charger
Top PlatePneumatic top plate
Max. Load Size300-600(L) x 300-600mm (W) x 300-600mm (H)
Special packing height available
Max. Weight Capacity100 Kg
Power Supply220V/50HZ/1Phase 1.0Kw
Machine Weight220 kG
Machine Dimension1740mm x 600mm x 1800mm

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