Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Double Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine

Increase your productivity with Millenium Double Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine.

There are two chambers in this machine, thus increasing production speed over a single chamber model.

An Industrial use model where vacuum packing has to be done in large quantity.


Easy to use
One touch operation
Heavy duty
Stainless Steel body


Voltage3 Phase 415V / 50Hz3 Phase 415V / 50Hz3 Phase 415V / 50Hz
Power of pump0.75 KW1.5 KW2.25 KW
Heat-Sealing Power0.6 KW0.75 KW1 KW
Lowest absolute Pressure1.33 kpa1.33 kpa1.33 kpa
Volume of Vacuum Case550 x 450 x 115mm560 x 540 x 150mm610 x 540 x 150mm
Sealing Strip Size400 x 10 mm500 x 10mm600 x 10mm
Number of heater2 each chamber2 each chamber2 each chamber
Exhaustment of vacuum pump20m3/h2 x 20m3/h3 x 20m3/h
Material of Vacuum Case and hullStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Dimension1200 x 520 x 850mm1260 x 610 x 850mm1450 x 610 x 860mm
Weight180 Kg220 Kg250 Kg

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