Vacuum Packing Machine – Single Chamber

Vacuum Packaging Machine - Single Chamber


What is Vacuum Packaging? It is a process by which all the air is extracted from the vacuum pouch before sealing the open end of the pouch

Benefits of Vacuum Packaging? Vacuum packing helps to save the perishable food items from getting infected with the air borne bacterias. thus increases the shelf life of the products.

Products like Cereals, Nuts, Meats, Cheese, liquids etc. Fresh vegetables, fish products, electronic items, etc. which can be harmed by air borne bacterias can be stored and prevented by vacuum packing.

Types of Vacuum Packaging Machines?
1. Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine
2. Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine
3. Portable Vacuum Packing Machine

Single Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine? This Machine is a floor type vacuum packing machine, Having a single chamber installed, You just have to insert the pouch filled with the required product which has to be vacuum packed.

As soon as you close the lid of the Chamber the machine starts operating

Within a span of few seconds the vacuum machine will extract all the oxygen from the the pouch, and thereafter, sealing the open end of the vacuum pouch.


Voltage110-220V/50-60 Hz220-380V/50-60 Hz220-380V/50-60 Hz
Power of Pump0.75 KW0.75 KW1.5 KW
Heat-Sealing Power0.5 KW0.6 KW0.7 KW
Lowest absolute Pressure1.33 kpa1.33 kpa1.33 kpa
Volume of Vacuum Case440 x 420 x 130mm520 x 500 x 130mm650 x 595 x 150mm
Sealing Strip Size1 or 2 pcs1 or 2 pcs1 or 2 pcs
Exhaustment of vacuum pump20m3/h40m3/h40m3/h
Material of Vacuum Case and hullStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Dimensions540 x 490 x 880 (mm)610 x 520 x 920 (mm)730 x 710 x 960 (mm)
Weight120 Kg140 Kg160 Kg

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