Horizontal Pallet Wrapper

Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine

Horizontal Wrapper

Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine

The Millenium Horizontal wrapping machine has been designed keeping in view the packaging of Plastic pipes, Wooden Panels, long aluminium rods, tubes, Rods, etc. This orbital wrapping machine is ideal for packing of long loads

  • Omron PLC Control system
  • Infeed and outfeed product photocells detection
  • Cycle pause capability
  • Rotating speed controlled by frequency changer
  • Pneumatic infeed and outfeed top pressure unit
  • Manually adjustable infeed and outfeed side guides
  • Film carriage friction brake system
  • Pneumatic auto grab film and knife cutter system

Ring inside dia.600mm
Ring rotation speed40 rpm (max)
Max wrapping sizewidth 400mm/height 300mm
Film width500mm
Film core dia.76mm
Pneumatic system0.6Mpa

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