Box Taping Machine

Box Taping Machine - Regular Model

Carton Box Sealing Machine - Auto Seals the top and bottom flap of corrugated boxes with BOPP Self Adhesive Tapes

Box Taping Machine - Regular Model

This Machine adopts top and bottom / top & side belt drive, suitable for heavier box packaging.

Side auxiliary device can fix the box position in order to make sure the carton slides smoothly resulting in perfect centre taping.

The strength (pressure) of taping head and working table height can be easily adjusted.

Overlap of the tape on the sides of carton can be adjusted within the range of 50~80mm.


ModelCS040MA - Regular Model
Power Supply1 Phase 110V/220V/240V
Packing SizeMax.: L∞ x W500 x H500 mm
Min.: L150 x W170 x H110 mm
Tape Width50 mm (2”) or 76 mm (3”)
Working Table Height570~770 mm (Adjustable)
Sealing Capacity20 Cartons per minute
(Carton: L500 mm, Power: 60 HZ)
DimensionsL1052 x W755 x H1430 mm
(without optional extensive working table)
Net Weight133kgs

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