Shrink Tunnel

Shrink Tunnel

Shrink Tunnel

Shrink Tunnel

Millenium Packaging Solutions is the leading supplier and manufacturer of Shrink Tunnels, a Shrink Packaging Machine. This Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine comes in variety of models like SHTU-1208, SHTU-1810, SHTU-1814, SHTU-2614

All of these machines follows the same procedure for shrinking by "hot wind blowing in a down cyclone structure."
Salient Features
  • Both the height of tunnel and chamber opening on two sides are adjustable in A-Series.
  • Model SHTU-1208 & SHTU-1810 are designed with single blower
  • Model SHTU-1814 & SHTU-2614 are designed with longer chamber to obtain optimal shrinking effect at higher speed.
  • Machines are fitted with castor wheels for portability.
  • The Shrink Machines SHTU-1208 & SHTU-1810 are suitable for a variety of films, such as PVC, POF, PP etc.
  • The Shrink Machines SHTU-1814 & SHTU-2614 are suitable for a variety of films, such as PVC, POF, PP etc. and especially for PE
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Machine Dimension1200x500x10501200x650x11001600x650x12001600x850x1200
Tunnel Dimension900x300x50~200900x450x50~2501200x450x50~3501200x650x50~350
Conveyor Loading10103030
Conveyor Speed(M/min)0~100~100~100~10
Power Supply1Ø, 220V, 50Hz3Ø, 380V, 50Hz3Ø, 380V, 50Hz3Ø, 380V, 50Hz
Net Weight(kg)6090120150

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