Label Shrink Wrap Machine

Label Shrink wrap Packaging Machine

Label Shrink Wrap Packaging Machines

Label Shrink Wrap Packaging Machines
This Label Shrink Wrapping Machine is used to apply pre printed shrink films on Bottles, Cans, glasses, etc. These when passed through the shrink chamber on a conveyor, the set air velocity, temperature and conveyor speed shrink the label on to the product. The thermal shrink packaging machine is sturdy, and consumes very low energy.


ModelSM 1230
Machine Dimension1800x600x1560
Tunnel Dimension1500x1200x300
Max pkg. size Dia X H(mm)Ø100x280Ø120x400
Packing Speed (pcs/h)8000-12000
Net Weight (Kg)210
Power (kw)15
Power supply3Ø, 380V, 50Hz
Applicable FilmPOF/PVC/PET

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