Carton Box Strapping Machine

Semi Automatic Strapping Machines


Carton Box Strapping Machine

The Most Commonly used Strapping Machine in Varied industry like Printing and Publishing units, Small food Processing units, Pharmaceuticals to name a few.

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine – Regular Model is designed for one touch easy operation

The instant heating method starts within 20 seconds with energy saving mode which automatically activates within 15 seconds of non- operation thus ensuring lesser breakdown and better longevity of the machine.

Lift type table-top option allows convenient maintenance, intelligent controls in PCB can isolate malfunctioning and reduce time for repairs.

Easy Tension adjustment function which is placed externally facilitates easy and simple selection of tension force

Strap width can easily be changed with the help of guides. Furthermore the most important is safety, our safety design, which has lower control voltage (DC 24V), minimises the chance of electrical shock.


Strap Cycle Speed1.5 sec./ strap (30 - 40 Straps/min.)
Tension Strength5~50Kg
Table Height740mm (001S) & 380 mm (002LT)
Strap Width6~15mm (Adjustable)
Sealing MethodHeat Sealed
Minimum Strapping Size60 mm (W) x 30 mm (H)
Maximum Strapping SizeNot Stipulated
Driving Motor1 Ø 220V
Power Supply1 Ø 220V 50 Hz 400 W
Dimensions (mm)895(W) x 565(D) x 740(H)
Weight85 Kgs.

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